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Deborah Blue's life has been changed for the better by posing bare-boobs and bare-ass. "Before, I did not have great confidence in myself,” Deborah admitted. "I felt insecure and inhibited. I was shy and nervous to be naked with a man looking at me. I never looked at magazines or sexy videos or looked at the Internet. There are nude women in German magazines but I did not know that magazines such as Voluptuous, for women with my type of body, existed. Now when I look at my pictures and videos, I am proud to know that this is me. Now I am that very sexy woman in the photos. I feel now that I can do anything and I have a lot of confidence in myself. Now I love it when someone takes my pictures. It is very exhilarating. When I see someone with a camera, I get the urge to tell them to take my photo. I like to buy new clothing and sexy underwear now, and wear them out. I no longer hide my body behind large clothing and try to conceal my breasts."
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