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Chica made her SCORELAND (and SCOREVideos) debut coupled with the cock. The tiny Dominican girl is slim, stacked and a very agile fuck partner. And she loves to show off her talents which are considerable. Cute as hell, Chica is a total sexhibitionist compared to the attractive DR girls who made up the Busty Island Girls in 2004. They were busty and sexy and used toys but they drew that invisible line in the sand when it came to fucking guys on camera. They were strictly off-set when it came to real sex. Chica doesn't know who the Busty Island Girls are, of course, but on SCORELAND, they were her predecessors, in a way. In personality, Chica is very much like Angelique, the Brazilian who stirred up the '90s. They have the same type of horny, sensual, erotic dispositions and personalities. Their smiles are similar too. Her body was built for the bikini and the beach. Anything else wouldn't seem right.
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